Leadership Mentoring, Management Training, Confidence Building, Motivational Speaking

The Change Agents - creating brighter futures!

The Change Agents specialise in leadership mentoring. We guide, educate, and motivate managers working for SMEs, corporates, and social enterprises. Our personal support aims to impart the skills and confidence you require to lead.

The Change Agents work with all managers e.g. graduate and aspiring managers, project managers, change facilitators, OD consultants, individuals in career transition, those requiring remedial intervention, small business leaders, entrepreneurs, and business executives.

We offer: leadership assessment and development through Ideal Leader™; leadership mentoring and coaching; training specific to internal change agents e.g. SPEAK UP!, PROJECT IT, and IDEAL LEADER; confidence building and positive thinking strategies; and motivational leadership speakers.

What to do next?

Contact admin@thechangeagents.co.uk or call Bobby Livingston on either 07780 911 203 or 0141 632 5019.